What makes EasyBox so different from my current box?

Simply put: EasyBox is better. Aren’t you tired of having to waste time building boxes, and use rolls of tape before you have a box that you feel confident packing in? EasyBox is ready for use in under 2 seconds.

 Well will it cost me more?

EasyBoxes cost roughly the same amount as those current obsolete boxes that you’re using, and in some cases they are often priced even more affordably. In those rare cases where irregular custom sizing causes any increase in the price at all, it will be minimal, and we are sure that you feel as though those will be pennies well spent.

 Why would they be pennies well spent?

EasyBoxes are not only a better packing product, but they are also a valuable business tool. From a consumer standpoint, customer satisfaction increases as a result of far less time consumption and the elimination of the added frustration of building complex box after box. Translation: increased customer satisfaction = increased customer retention.

 Well arenít there other quick setup boxes in the market?

While there are seemingly comparable products available, they are usually far more expensive due to the need for the use of more of the lower grade materials from which they are constructed; pound for pound there is no box as consummately efficient as an EasyBox….and very few that are as environmentally responsible.

 So EasyBox is a Green company?

Absolutely! Any way that you look at it, EasyBox is a more environmentally responsible corrugated packaging product. Our boxes use less materials, and more importantly, can be reused over and over again.

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