The Innovation: Saving You Time and Money
While most boxes require several time-consuming steps of folding before there is a complete box, EasyBoxes are ready for use with a simple “Press”. With a build time of 1 second compared with an average of 10-15 seconds in other boxes, EasyBox creates opportunity for much more efficient allocation of your resources.
In addition, as a result of its economized design, in its folded state EasyBox requires 30% less storage space. EasyBox can also be opened and refolded countless times, whereas current boxes in the market tend to become quickly worn out.

Superior Strength
EasyBox is constructed out of a uniform sheet of top-grade Kraft Liner materials and 100% cellulose in the sidewalls. The combination of the two provide durability that is superior to other boxes currently available in the market, most of which are constructed from lower grade materials. Additionally, the reinforced double handles, and stronger bottom enable it to easily carry higher weight loads.

Standard Material Type
High-grade US Kraft Liner. 125-175g per meter in 3 layers. The materials have passed tearing, pressure and durability tests by the Israeli Standards Institution.
(Test Method: TAPPIT 807/ TAPPIT 804)
Additionally, under the auspices of the Israeli Standards Institution, the burst and tearing strength of the box were tested. It takes a force of 1635 Newtons (21.4 kgf/cm2) to cause EasyBox to burst. Other boxes in the industry have an average collapse weight of 1020 Newtons. It takes 2470 Newtons to tear an EasyBox.
Translation: We make a better product that is not only more efficient than lesser substitutes but one that is more durable as well.
Enhanced Water Resistance
The use of completely natural water resistant glue at the seams, combined with the high-grade materials in the internal walls of the box, enable a slower absorption of moisture as well as increased humidity resistance. 
Intellectual Property
The innovative qualities and design of EasyBox are legally protected under United States Utility Patents, and under European Union Community Design Registrations and Utility Models.

Service Record
In the past several years, tens of millions of EasyBox units have been sold and put into use in the records management, moving, storage, and produce industries. Some of our larger customers include prominent records storage management groups, major produce exporters, as well as leading global companies such as Microsoft, Citigroup and GlaxoSmithKline.
We are proud to have a long history of customer satisfaction, and have found that once a company has upgraded to EasyBoxes they rarely, if ever, go back to using the obsolete.

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