The EasyBox Company began as a producer and distributor of a new and improved product for the packaging industry. As the company grew, however, so did the demand for our products. Eventually the demand spread beyond the geographic limits of our distribution, so we began to search for a way to meet the demand.

The solution: a turnkey production process that enables packaging manufacturers around the world to utilize our proprietary machinery to produce our patented EasyBoxes.

Our machinery and associated processes represent an innovative advancement in packaging production. While many of our products would have previously been cost-ineffective to produce, our EasyBox Production Machinery (EPM) takes several steps of production, and combines them all into 1 simple process.

Furthermore, our EPM’s not only enables manufacturers to effectively offer an enhanced product for which they were previously unequipped, but it also allows them to save money while doing so.

Key Production Advantages

- EasyBoxes typically require ~ 30% less materials than comparable substitutes; with most of our designs reducing waste as well.

- Our EPM’s do the work of a flex folder, gluer, and that of several workers. This frees up your resources for other tasks; thus contributing to increased productivity and output.

- An advanced proprietary gluing system that produces a highly durable box while eliminating any need for stitches/staples.

- A proprietary finishing process which enables our machinery to produce packaging products for a great versatility of uses.

The EasyBox Standard

At this company, we believe in consistency, and we designed and built our EPM’s to be a lot like our packaging products:

  -  Built to the highest standards
  -  All components not made by EasyBox are from leading manufacturers
  - Flexibility of being able to produce packaging solutions for a vast array of uses.
  - Flexibility of easy design changes

   - Requires only 2 workers to generate products ready for shipment
   - Fast and simple tooling changes
   - Comprehensive training and support
Cost Effective
   - Reduction of production costs
   - Low maintenance costs
*ISO 9001:2000 Certified

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